Google App Engine-Google Cloud Platform

Infonotion uses cloud-based services to help organisations create innovative, cost-effective and scalable IT solutions, from concept development to design and delivery.

The Google Cloud Platform enables us to help our clients develop new cloud-based solutions that drive their success across the range of sectors, public and private, in which we provide support by building on power of the Google Cloud Platform. The Google Cloud Platform offers a broad set of application development, cloud storage, large scale computing and big data capabilities that provides our clients with an enhanced technical ability to meet the demands of fast-moving business.

Using Google App Engine has allowed you to benefit from instant scalability and easier website development. By Using Google’s technology you can achieve results that would have seemed unthinkable only a few years ago.

Google’s Cloud Platform products enable customers to implement:

Customers benefit by engaging with Infonotion, which has invested in developing the skills needed to build these powerful new solutions on top of Google’s Cloud Platform.